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teaching philosophy

We are all born musical. Even before birth, we explore the world through listening: to our heartbeat, to our mothers voice, to the sounds of our environment. As babies we intuitively use sound to express our emotions, and quickly begin combining the sounds we hear with rhythms to make words and sentences. 


We all also have unique strengths and learning differences.  I tailor my lessons to the individual needs and wishes of my students in order to best nurture their natural musical abilities.


During the first lesson, students are encouraged to share their musical interests and goals. With this information, I can tailor a lesson plan and establish fun and achievable goals that will motivate the student throughout their musical journey. 


My lessons use movement, sensory awareness and familiar and relatable concepts to ensure lesson topics are  accessible, digestible and engaging. Exercises are designed to feel like games while still efficiently covering fundamentals. Students are always encouraged to bring in music they want to work on or sound like. 


My job as a teacher goes beyond our lessons together. I am helping students discover a means of expression that will be in their lives forever. While I value concentration and discipline, I never want practice sessions to feel like punishments or chores. Instead I believe that as long as students sit with their instrument at some point every day, what we cover in our lessons will inspire them to lose track of time in their playing. 

In addition to my extensive experience teaching children and adults privately, I have worked in public school, summer and senior home group programs in music. 


I always tailor my lessons to best suit the students ages, strengths and learning differences. Movement, sensory awareness and imagination are important to my teaching philosophy.

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