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Carmel Freeman biking with guitar
Carmel Freeman
Carmel Freeman live at SETH in The Hague
Carmel Freeman live at Izakaya in Toronto


15 Oct, 2023

We're in the AI Song Contest finals! Taking place in A Coruña, the award show will also be broadcast on Spanish national TV and streamed online!

17 Sept, 2023

Excited to be a part of the 2023 AI Song Contest with "Reboot". Click the link below to check out the music video and check back soon for updates!

21 June, 2023

New music! - "Rules For Pedestrians". Part of a bigger work that will be released soon :~) By travelling on foot we embody a pulse. With our feet, our hands, our eyes - we sense in twos. Cars driving parallel slide to stretches of noise and obscure our dance. Architecture forms rhythm in stasis. In every body's heartbeat a groove.

13 May, 2023

Thank you Soundstreams and the Encounters: Samplings team for including my work "i forgot to turn off the sprinkler" in tonights concert! The performance will take place at Redwood Theatre, (1300 Gerrard St E.) in Toronto, 19:00 EST. You can also check out the stream via

30 March, 2023

My EP "Boba" was just released on all streaming platforms! An exploration of bubble tea in three parts: I Croffle! II Cheese Foam III fish~duck~human Orbs of cassava are suspended in a blend of the white liquid food of mammaliaforms, an extraction of Camellia sinensis leaves, and the sweet-tasting carbohydrates in plant tissue. But all I can think about is whether I will successfully puncture the plastic film of this drink I paid too much for.

8 May, 2022

"Listening Is Unhearing", a one-hour programme of my latest multimedia works will be presented at 20 Kruisplein in Rotterdam. Here's some information about the works featured! Room 7’45 Place yourself in a room that is silenced by noise. Place yourself in a room that echoes with silence. Give yourself room to explore different modes of listening. Give yourself permission to disorganise your hearing. See what follows you. Take and Expel 5’00 Sander Bos - Harp Breath is process. Air enters and exits the lungs. Cyclic movements. Repetitions. Follow your breath as you listen. Learn from your breathing. Simulation 12’46 Consciousness can be simulated in a computer. Nano-machines transformed planets into computers. A single planetary computer runs millions of ancestor simulations. With simulated consciousnesses outnumbering biological ones, I am likely a simulation. Listening is Unhearing 4’45 Scientists have demodulated recently discovered signal transmissions received by trees as antennae. For the first time, this sound world is untangled and unmuted. Is this communication? Is this entertainment? Who owns these sounds? Oiseau 10’00 Nina Künzel - voice, Agnes Eyja Gunnarsdóttir - violin, Jan Zygmunt - cello, Carmel Freeman - piano, pump flute Oiseau/tsipor/vogel/bird mean the same thing but feature their own musical activity. The discreet sound components of the words are graphed using phonetic categories for speech sounds and assigned a register. Players must, through their instrument, connect to the timbres of these utterances and splinter the divide between language and music. Nude 9’45 Everything that will happen has happened and is happening. The flesh of time is revealed by an awareness of its non-linearity. Capturing this infinite moment proves difficult for a video camera struggling not to travel forward in time.

5 April, 2022

"The Act of Winning" will be performed at Korzo Theater tonight in Den Haag. A pair of shoes, their identity concealed by a cloak of toilet paper, glue and scraps. The shoes are in control: manipulating the voice of Nike creator Phil Knight, disintegrating a video of Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi throwing his shoes at then-US president George W. Bush.

30 August, 2022

Very excited to begin my residency at WORM studios in Rotterdam. Stay tuned for the results!

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