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lesson packages

Trial Lesson

€25 for 30 minutes, no travel costs or obligations


The first lesson is an opportunity for prospective students to discover the possibilities of music education at a special discounted rate. Students are also encouraged to share their musical interests, aspirations, needs and learning style to help me design an exciting study plan as well as establish fun, achievable goals. 


Rates and Package Discounts

After the first lesson, students have the option of enrolling in different packages which offer discounts depending on their duration.

36-lesson package

€32.50 per 30-minute lesson


24-lesson package

€35 per 30-minute lesson


12-lesson package

€37.50 per 30-minute lesson


Single Lessons (“A La Carte”)

€40 per 30-minute lesson

{+ €10 for 45-minute lessons}

{+ €15 for 60-minute lessons}


Please note: I recommend 30-minute lessons for children under 8 and 45-minute lessons for children under 12. I have found these durations most effective for learning, especially at first.

I want to enroll! What's next?


After the trial lesson, students (or parents/guardians if the student is a minor) are kindly requested to look over the Music Lesson Agreement. This document outlines all terms, conditions, policies and expectations regarding lessons. Read these over carefully and do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions. The filled and signed form must be e-mailed or submitted by the second lesson.

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